Can someone tell me what to do on this ):
Can someone tell me what to do on this ): - 1


Answer 1
Answer: On the periodic table, you will see that they are grouped into different groups. Well, on the right, you have the groups, obviously. You are supposed to match the elements to the group that it is in.

(If you don't know the groups, you can find one online under images.)
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Cells need oxygen and glucose.

Without oxygen, electron transport chain cannot take place and the cells cannot get the energy they need (since the cell uses oxygen to break down glucose which os what produces energy). When the cells cannot perform their function, they die.

The FBI uses STR (short tandem repeat) analysis to identify criminals, and the FBI stores the information in a database. How many regions, or loci, of DNA are used for STR analysis?


The answer is thirteen.

STR stands for short tandem repeats. In this analysis, highly polymorphic regions with short tandem repeats are used. In FBI investigation, thirteen regions are analyzed and compared. The chance for two people to have the exact same thirteen regions is almost impossible (1 : 1 billion or less). This way a difference between two DNA profiles could be assessed.

Answer: it is b


What is the process in which individuals with useful traits are more likely to survive and produce more offspring with those useful traits? A.use and disuse

B.acquired characteristics

C.natural selection

D.radiometric dating


The correct answer to the question above is (c.) natural selection. The natural selection is the process in which individual with useful traits are more likely to survive and produce more offspring with those useful traits. 
c is the correct answer

Because prokaryotes do not have many specific structures, they


they do not have specific functions. hope this helped

do not have many specific functions

Which of the following best describes deflation as it relates to Earth science? A. High tides caused by full moons B. An avalanche caused by skiers C. The lowering of land surface caused by wind D. Beach erosion caused by high tides


it would be C

Deflation is wind activity which also causes rock erosion or transports sand and dirt.

Which is a biotic factor that affects the size of a population in a specific ecosystem?a. average temperature of the ecosystem
b. type of soil in the ecosystem
c. number and kinds of predators in the ecosystem
d. concentration of oxygen in the ecosystem


A biotic factor that affects the size of a population in a specific ecosystem is: c. number and kinds of predators in the ecosystem.

An ecosystem can be defined as a biological community that comprises all living organisms (biotic factors) and the physical environment (abiotic factors) with which they interact.

Basically, some of the essential services that are provided by an ecosystem for the sustenance of life include;

  • Nutrient cycling
  • Water purification
  • Plant pollination

A biotic factor refers to the living organisms that are existing within an ecosystem and their effect on the population living within it. Thus, the number and kinds of predators living in an ecosystem is a biotic factor that would affect the size of its population.

In conclusion, all the other answer options are abiotic factors.

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The answer is C. Numbers and kinds of predators in the ecosystem because biotic means living organisms and it's the population that can effect the ecosystem, so the ecosystem can be effected by the number of predators (living organisms) in the ecosystem.