Legal medications have no risks or side effects when used properly.


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Answer: That is incorrect. All medications have side effects. They effect people in different ways. There are no guarantees when using medications..that’s why when you are given the medications they are given with instructions and side effects.
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EVERY SINGLE MEDICATION HAS A SIDE EFFECT! maybe not to you but others. doesn't matter if used properly people react differently.

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Why are computer applications helpful in the health care setting? O A. Patients can look up other people's records. O B. Employees don't use computers because of privacy rights. O C. Employees can access immunization and training records to maintain a safe and hazard-free workplace. D. Employees can check their personal accounts and keep up-to-date on social events.​


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The answer to the question is option C.

If healthcare workers and healthcare facilities use computer applications and computer software, it benefits them because everything comes up quicker than storing them in paper. Our answer is option C.

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Answer: employees can access immunization and training records to maintain a safe and hazard-free workplace.

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Protein in our diet preserves muscle mass

true or false


True ........................


True - protein supplies amino acids which help to keep your muscles strong and healthy (maintaining and repairing your muscles).

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Why do leadership and exercise go hand in hand


you take lwadership on your own personal health and make the desicion to excersize there for takinh leadership on your weight and health

What process is most likely occurring in the endometrium just before the onset of bleeding


Answer: Apoptosis


Apoptosis is also known as "the death of cells", it is a cellular process that occurs when cells undergoes self destruction, this process helps to keep the body healthy and also protects the body. Apoptosis plays an important role by helping the body to get rid of viral infections within the cell before it spreads.

Scientists have discovered that an adult human being go through the process of apoptosis losing about 50-70 billion cells every day while for a child between 8-14 years, 20-30 billion of cells die every day due to apoptosis.

Apoptosis occurs shortly before menstruation via hormonal stimuli, in which there is the breaking down of the endometrium, it sloughs off and then undergo regeneration.

A nurse is recording subjective information from the family of an aggressive client who was brought to the ED via ambulance. The client is non-compliant with the medication regimen. What statement by the family informs the nurse of their understanding of mental illness? "We know the intention was not to take medications, as it was relayed medication was not longer needed." "Because of mental illness, my brother cannot think clearly or understand the need for meds." "This situation occurs because of thoughts that no one cares and because it is getting attention." "The 'mental illness' has been used as an excuse to get away with his behavior for years."



The statement by the family that informs the nurse of their understanding of the client's mental illness is "Because of mental illness, my brother cannot think clearly or understand the need for meds".


Many mental diseases require the patient to use their medication correctly, to avoid the attacks that occur by omitting the indicated medical treatment. The same mental condition of a patient predisposes him to abandon the medication.

The fact that the family knows that, because of their mental condition and not thinking clearly, their relative is not taking their medication correctly and is having a crisis, lets the nurse know that they understand the client's illness.

Explain the weekly activity requirements for adults and what exercises and activities one can do to meet these requirements. (Site 2)


The weekly activity requirements for adults should be done daily.

What is Exercise?

These are activities which are done by the body to enhance physical

fitness and overall health condition of an individual.

Exercises such as reading helps adults mentally while physicalexercises

include the following:

  • Walking
  • Jogging

Read more about Exercises here

The weekly activity requirements is just that an adult gets some amount of physical and mental activity where he uses his mind as well as does some sort of exercises so he remains fit.

In my opinion playing any sport such as football or basketball or tennis or even golf can make a person pretty active in both ways. Or some amount of jogging can be necessary and beneficial for an adult.