Solve the equation -6+3×=-9


Answer 1
Answer: -6 + 3x = -9

And 6 to both sides:
3x = -3

Divide by 3 on both sides:
x = -1

Answer: x = -1

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Nondigestible carbohydrates can be used in diet foods, but they may have Problem 7.2 effects on colonic hydrogen production in humans. We want to test to see if inulin, fructooligosaccharide, and lactulose are equivalent in their hydrogen production. Preliminary data suggest that the treatment means could be about 45, 32, and 60 respectively, with the error variance conservatively estimated at 35. How many subjects do we need to have power .95 for this situation when testing at the ????1 = .01 level?



null hypothesis = µ1=µ2=µ3; µ1= popuation mean of inulin µ2 = population mean of fructicoligosaccharide =µ3=population mean of lactulose

alternative hypothesis =µ1≠µ2 ≠µ3

t1= µ-45/s1 / N-1

at the significance level 0.01

t at ᵅ/2 =0.005 and degree of freedom= 35-1=34 is 2.25

t1 = µ-32/s1/N-1

2.25= µ-45/s1/34

= s1/34= µ-45/2.25

=s1 =(µ-45/2.25)*34

t2= µ-32/s2/34

2.25 =µ-32/s2/34

s2/34= µ-32/2.25


T= 45-32/s1/sqrt34+s2/sqrt34

t at 0.005 and no of grees of freedom 68 =2.37


or s1/sqrt34+s2/sqrt34 = 13/2.37

s1+s2 = 13/2.37 *5.83

s1+s2= 31.98 or 32


or µ1+µ2 = 2525


µ1 and µ2 are not equal

thus null hypothesis is rejected

conclusion all the three components are not in equal amount in hydrogen production

Explanation : in this experiment we have to prove whether the means of insulin,fructicoligosaccharide and lactulose are equal. so even if we prove that two of them are not equal null hypothesis will be rejected. we use student-t test because we have to compare the means of two population.

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How do i write 400.004 in unit form?



4 hundreds and point 4 thousandths

Step-by-step explanation:

You have to write a number using place value units.

How to compute the area of a circle



A = \pi r^2

Step-by-step explanation:

Area of a circle =

\pi * r^2\n\n=\pi r^2

Area of a circle can also be calculated with ;

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The weights, in pounds, of the cats in an animal adoption center are normally distributed. If a random sample of cats is taken and the confidence interval is (7.9,12.7), what is the margin of error


Answer: 2.4

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : The weights, in pounds, of the cats in an animal adoption center are normally distributed.

The confidence interval is (7.9,12.7)           (1)

Let \overline{x} be the sample mean of the weights, in pounds, of the cats in an animal adoption center.

We know that the confidence interval for population mean is given by :-

(\overline{x}-E,\overline{x}+E)      (2)

From (1) and (2)


Subtracting (3) from (4), we get

2E=4.8\n\n\Rightarrow\ E=2.4

Hence, the margin of error is E = 2.4

Having trouble with this one




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If the diagonals are perpendicular, then the slope of AC will be the opposite reciprocal of the slope of BD.

The slope of AC is:

m = (3 − 3) / (6 − 0) = 0

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m = (0 − 6) / (3 − 3) = undefined

The opposite reciprocal of 0 is undefined, so the diagonals are indeed perpendicular.

Specifically, AC is horizontal and BD is vertical.