Which of the following resulted from the palmer raids of 1919 and 2020


Answer 1
Answer: the formation of the American Civil Liberties Union

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The policy of establishing colonies to gain wealth by controlling colonial trade is called
Which of these men is most closely related to the theme of science and technology?
The distance an object travels in a certain amount of time is called?
Mark the statement if it correctly describes Buddhism after the Buddha's death. A. Buddha's stories and talks were collected in books of writings. B. Although Buddha did not think of himself as a god, after his death some of his followers did. C. Adhering to the Buddha's teachings, no statues of Buddha were made or used as a focus for prayer.
Driving at slower speeds than traffic flowallows the driver to arrive safer than at the designated speed limit may impede other vehicles on the road that are traveling at normal and safe speeds cannot result in a ticket for driving too slowly is always the safest way to drive

How did the Silk Road and African gold-salt
trade facilitate the spread of ideas and trade?


The Silk Road and African gold-salt trade facilitate the spread of ideas and trade

through cultural diffusion.Through the trade routes, goods and services were exchange and thus the spread of ideas and goods.

  • There was the spread of arabic language and Islamic religion along these trade routes.

The us of the camel in the Trans-Saharantrade boosted the amount of goods that could be transported.

the African gold salt trade help the exchange of ideas and goods.

Salt which was a major trade good was used to buy luxury items like glassware, fine cloth, and manufactured goods. l

The two Trade routes were mostly known for aiding the early spread of Islam.

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The Silk road and African gold-salt trade helped facillitate the spread of ideas and trade by causing people of different religions/ides, like for example the spread of buddhism.

Which term is used to describe the split in Christianity that resulted in the Catholic church and Eastern Orthodox Church?A) The East-West Schism
B) The Western Schism
C) The Collapse of Rome
D) The Collapse of Christianity



A . East-West Schism


why have wheat and corn been used as commodity money in the past while strawberries and lettuce have not?


The main reason why wheat and corn has been used as commodity money in the past while strawberries and lettuce have not because wheat and corn are regularly used by people. On the other hand, strawberries and lettuce are seasonal and are not for regular use. I hope the answer helps you.

What new skills should a person adapt to limit his or her drinking.


Plan ahead of time how to say “no” if asked to drink

Which was a result of industrialization? a larger farmsb increase in the slave trade

c a reduced need for coal as fuel

d overcrowded cities By the way it's not increase in slave trade.


One of the major results of industrialization was that larger firms developed, due to the fact that major factories were used for production, which created more capital.

In what way does the European Union affect the rest of the world? a. It creates international laws for all nations to follow.
b. It enables people to travel freely across international borders.
c.It provides humanitarian aid to people in developing countries.
d.It improves trade between different parts of the world.


One way in which the European Union affects the rest of the world is that "d.It improves trade between different parts of the world," since trade is more easily facilitated in Europe itself. 

The European Union affected the rest of the world since it improves trade between different parts of the world. Option D is correct.

EU trade policy aims to create growth and jobs by increasing the opportunities for trade and investment with the rest of the world, because they are aware that the development of trade is an opportunity for economic growth.

Europe has become deeply integrated into global markets.