Solve the equation 4+0.3x=19


Answer 1
Answer: Step #1).  Subtract 4 from each side of the equation.

Step #2).  Divide each side by 0.3 .

At this point, be careful.  The answer will jump up off the paper
into your face.
Answer 2






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Kelsey has 20 pints of potting soil. She wants to put the soil in quart containers for the science lab. How many quart containers does she need? Show and explain your thinking.
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What is the simplest form of 96/64


so its a fraction all you would do is divide 96 by 64 and you would 1 and one half
96/64 = (96/32=3) / (64/32=2) = 3/2 [Answer is 3/2]Good Luck! :)

Larry paid 11.20 for four gallons of gas. How much was each gallon of gas


all u do is divide 11.20 by 4 which is 2.8 which is 2.8 so each gallon costs $2.8.
11.20 : 4 = 2.8
Because when you want to calculate how much money you pay for the number of gallons of gas, you have to take a price of something multiply the number of gallons. Similarly, when you want to find the price of a gallon of gas, you have to take the total cost divided by number of gallons of gas you buy.

What is the least common multiple you could use to find 4/5 + 5/6?


Tbh idk ask your teacher

Several people were polled regarding their favorite type of dessert. They were asked to choose one of the following: ice cream, cake, candy, or cookies. 10% cookies, 30% candy, 25% cake, 35% ice cream. If forty people were questioned, how many of them said they prefer ice cream


So notice the total number of people is 40, we need to find the number that likes ice cream 

so simply convert the 35% into a decimal (0.35) then multiply it by 40 

40 x .35 = 14 people
well first you would create a percent pororpotion 

Marcie and Alexis went running. The distance Alexis ran was further than the distance Marcie ran. Marcie ran 5/8 of a mile. Which could be the distance Alexis ran?


Any Distance Greater than 5/8 of a mile.

Anything that is greater than 5/8 such as 6/8, 7/8,etc

1/6 of a ship's crew are engineers, 1/4 are stewards and the rest are soldiers. if there are 48 crew members in all, how many sailors are on the board of the ship?


1/6 + 1/4 \n = 2/12+ 3/12 \n = 5/12 \n \n 1-5/12 \n = 12/12 -5/12 \n =7/12


The answer is 28.
(1)/(4) + (1)/(6) = (6+4)/(24)= (10)/(24) = (5)/(12) \n \n 1- (5)/(12)= (7)/(12) \n \n 48* (7)/(12) =28