a baseball team has won 15 games and lost 12 games. Based on the results, which is the best prediction for the number of wins the team will have if they play162 games


Answer 1
Answer: 90
15 is 5/9 of 27... 90 is 5/9 of 162
Answer 2
Answer: games lost : games played --> games lost/games played

12/15 =?/162
 cross multiply and divide. --> 12 x 162/15 =129.6 
that means, they will lose about 130 games out of 162. therefore they will win about 32 games. 

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a parking garage charges $2 for the first hour and $1 for each additional hour. Fran has $7.50 to spend for parking. what is the greatest number of hours Fran can park?


Find the number of greatest hour did Fran used for parking in where:
=> parking charge $2 for the first hour
=> and $1 for the additional hours.
=> Fran spent $7.5 in all.
To get the answer let’s have the solution this way.
=> 7.5 dollars – 2 dollars = we need to subtract the first hour which is 2 dollars.
=> 5.5 dollars left.
=> 5.5 dollars / 1 dollar per hour
=> 5.5 hour + 1 hour
=> 6.5 hours
Thus, Fran parked for 6.5 hours and payed 7.5 dollars.

2 + H = 7.50 ( H is the # of hours after the 1st hour)

2 + H = 7.50

(-2 from both sides)


H = 5.50

5.50 plus the first hour equals 6.5 hours

He can park there for 6 and a half hours

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x-1=0⇒ x₁=-1
x+1=0 ⇒x₂=1
Answer: x=+-1
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Word Bank
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the answer is immune hope this helps man!
Immune. It means u cant catch the disease

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425 would be the answer

Use a trigonometric ratio to find the value of x. round your answer to nearest tenth


x = base / tan(angle)

x = 9 / tan(20)

x = 24.73

rounded to nearest tenth x = 24.7

The value of x = 24.7

What is tangent angle?

For a right triangle, a tangent angle is,  tan\theta=(opposite ~ side)/(adjecent ~ side)

For given example,

Consider tan(20°)

Using the formula of tangent angle,



⇒ x = 9/0.364

x = 24.7

Therefore, the value of x = 24.7

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