What is the least common multiple of 12, 20, and 18?


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is 180.
12 times 15 equals 180
18 times 10 equals 180
20 times 9 equals 180
Answer 2

Answer: 180

Step-by-step explanation:

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What is 2 3/8 times 16


The solution of the expression ''2 3/8 times 16'' will be 38.

What is an expression?

Mathematical expression is defined as the collection of the numbers, variables and functions by using signs like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Given that;

The expression is;

''2 3/8 times 16''

Now, We can formulate as;

⇒ 2 3/8 × 16

⇒ 19/8 × 16

⇒ 19 × 2

⇒ 38

Thus, The solution of the expression ''2 3/8 times 16'' will be 38.

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Change 2 3/8 to an improper fraction 19/8 like so, then multiply 19/8 by 16 which will give you the answer 38.

Alexander found the means-to-MAD ratio of two data sets to be 3.4.What can he conclude about the distributions?

They are similar.

They are somewhat similar.

They are different.

They are identical.



It is given that ratio of  Means to Mean absolute deviation(MAD) of two data sets are 3.4.

Mean is sum of all the observation divided by number of observation.

MAD can be calculated by

1. Find the mean of the data set.

2. Subtract each value of data set from the mean,and take the modulus value.

3. Find the mean of new data set.

Now, consider the  two data sets.



The two data set , have ratio of means to MAD is equal to 3.4.

Which shows, that two data set are different.

Option (C) : They are different is true.

C. They are different.

How to find the radius of a sphere



Divide the diameter by 2.

Step-by-step explanation:

-25=1/3n - 10 algebraic expression


-25=1/3n - 10

move -10 to the other side

sign changes from -10 to +10




multiply both sides by 3/1 to get n by itself


cross out 3 and 3 and 1 and 1, divide by 3 and 1

then becomes 1*1*1*1*n=n




Carly and Ramil share 7 yards of ribbon equally. How much ribbon will each get?​



3.5yd each

Step-by-step explanation:

Total yard to be shared = 7

Ratio to be shared=  1:1 since they share equally.

Therefore Carly share = 1/2 ×7 = 3.5 yd

Ramil share is same as Carly = 3.5yd

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