In Western Europe, what city would you find at 53 degrees north and 0 degrees west


Answer 1
Answer: There's no city there.  That point is in a cultivated field in a large farming region of eastern England.  It's just east of the A52 highway (Sibsey Road), south of Boston Long Hedges, and west of Willoughby Hills Road.  The nearest towns ... all within about 4 miles ... are Frithville, Fishtoft Drove, Anton's Gowt, Frith Bank,  (I am not making this up), Frampton Fen, and Wyberton Fen.

If you were shooting for London, you missed it by about 100 miles.

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Why are ocean fossils found on top of the rocky mountains?
List three examples of direct evidence of evolution.
Triangle DEF has angles of three different measures. What are all the possible typese different measures
What are the two large rivers that flow through central California?
Technically, an aboriginal person is anyone who_______. A.moved to Australia B.migrates southward C. is indigenous to a place

What volcanoes are on a divergent plate boundary


Places where plates are coming apart are called divergent boundaries. As shown in the drawing above, when Earth's brittle surface layer (the lithosphere) is pulled apart, it typically breaks along parallel faults that tilt slightly outward from each other. As the plates separate along the boundary, the block between the faults cracks and drops down into the soft, plastic interior (the asthenosphere). The sinking of the block forms a central valley called a rift. Magma (liquid rock) seeps upward to fill the cracks. In this way, new crust is formed along the boundary. Earthquakes occur along the faults, and volcanoes form where the magma reaches the surface.Where a divergent boundary crosses the land, the rift valleys which form are typically 30 to 50 kilometers wide. Examples include the East Africa rift in Kenya and Ethiopia, and the Rio Grande rift in New Mexico. Where a divergent boundary crosses the ocean floor, the rift valley is much narrower, only a kilometer or less across, and it runs along the top of a midoceanic ridge. Oceanic ridges rise a kilometer or so above the ocean floor and form a global network tens of thousands of miles long. Examples include the Mid-Atlantic ridge and the East Pacific Rise.Plate separation is a slow process. For example, divergence along the Mid Atlantic ridge causes the Atlantic Ocean to widen at only about 2 centimeters per year

What does the continental drift and plate tectonics have in common?


plate tectonics is what caused the continental drift that's what they have in common
They continental drift move all in the world wide and the plate tectonics is move to too move different places

Weathering and erosion both contribute to the disintegration of rocks. Please select the best answer from the choices provided T F





Weathering refers to the breaking down of rocks into smaller particles due to agents such as wind, water, and ice. In simple words, it means the disintegration of rocks.

Erosion is the process that involves the picking up of the broken sediments and transporting and deposition of these materials into another place.

Thus, these are the two prime factors that are responsible for the disintegration of the rocks.

Hence, the above-given statement is true.




Erosion breaks rocks down further and then moves them. Forces like wind and water move the rock pieces. They mix with matter like sand to become sediment. Weathering and erosion help shape Earth's surface.

What Is a biotic factor?


Biotic factors are organisms that interact with non-living & living parts of an ecosystem.
Egs. badgers, worms, fungi, bacteria, insects.
Anything alive, bio means alive

Where is Paris Texas located central north south ???


Paris, Texas is located in the North Texas.

Which example provides scientific data about the earth's interior?A.
the motion of continents

earth's orbit around the sun

how seismic waves travel

the size of volcanoes on the earth’s surface


The correct answer is C. How seismic waves travel


The Earth is composed of different layers that include the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core, each of these layers and the features of them have been discovered throughout the years by topographers, and other experts mainly by studying seismic waves. This can be explained as seismic waves that occur due to earthquakes, eruptions, explosions and other phenomena, travel through the different layers of Earth and depending on which layer they are they display different features and speed which is the main information scientists used to determine the layers of Earth and other features of Earth's interior. Thus, it is how seismic waves travel the one that provides scientific data about the earth's interior.

how seismic waves travel  are you from k12?