What is negative 94/21 converted into a positive number?


Answer 1
Answer: You can't just change negative numbers into positive numbers.  They're completely different things.

I'm sure you worked with the number line in school.  Do you remember how the negatives are on one side of zero, and the positives are on the other side ?

You dress a lot different when it's 40 degrees below zero outside, compared to what you put on when it's 40 degrees above zero.  They're completely different numbers.

In the same way, 1,400 feet below sea level is the lowest spot on Earth, at the Dead Sea in Israel, but 1,400 feet above sea level is like somewhere in Nebraska or northern Texas.  They're completely different numbers.
Answer 2

Final answer:

To convert a negative fraction into a positive number, you can simply take the absolute value of the fraction.


To convert a negative fraction into a positive number, you can simply take the absolute value of the fraction. In this case, the absolute value of -94/21 is 94/21.

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Write 1 mm of 2 m as a fraction


So, there are 10mm in a cm.

There are 100 cm in a metre. That means that there are 1,000mm in a metre.

This also means that there are 2,000mm in 2 metres.

Therefore 1mm of 2m is essentially:

1/2000 m

3. The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 12 yards. Theother two sides are equal in length. Find the length of each side to the
nearest tenth of a yard.


Answer: The other two sides measure 8.5 yards each

Step-by-step explanation: The triangle is a right angled triangle with the other two sides of equal measurement. What this means is that, one angle measures 90 degrees and the other two angles would be of equal measurement. The reason being that we have an isosceles triangle and one property of an isosceles triangle is that two sides are equal and two angles are equal. If one angle measures 90, then the other two would be measured as

(180 - 90)/2 and this equals

90/2 and that equals 45 degrees each. To calculate the length of the equal sides, we use the trigonometric ratio of sine.

(Let one of the unknown sides be A)

Sin 45 = opposite/hypotenuse

Sin 45 = A/12

By cross multiplication we now have

Sin 45 x 12 = A

0.7071 x 12 =A

8.4852 = A

To the nearest tenth

A = 8.5 yards

This means the other equal side would measure 8.5 yards as well.

adam was play checkers with his friend. The ratio of the games they played was 9:1. If adam won 45 games, how many games did his friend win


5 games.

Assuming Adam won the 45 games.

Your model locomotive is 18 inches long. It is an exact model of a locomotive that is 72 feet long. A window on the locomotive is how many times wider than a window on the model?


Your model locomotive (x) = 18 inches
72 feet (y)= 72*12 inches 
            = 864 inches

Ratio = x:y
          = 18:864
          = 18/864
          = 1/48
          = 1:48

Ten video games cost $145


I kinda doubt that but ig it depends. Usually the they’re like $60 each unless you get a good deal for em.

Answer: $14.5 per game
Each game costs 14 dollars and 5 cents.

All you do is divide 10 into 145 to get your answer


each video game costs 14.5 dollars

Step-by-step explanation:

Given that the first term is LaTeX: t_1=2t 1 = 2, and the recursive definition is LaTeX: t_{n+1}=3^{\left(t_n\right)}t n + 1 = 3 ( t n ), what would be the 2nd term (LaTeX: t_2t 2).




the correct answer is 9

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took the test and it was correct