Sally sold 1000987 hot dogs 3 years how many will she sell in 6 years


Answer 1
Answer: so 1000987 in 3 years or 1000987:3 or i like to put it as 1000987:3 
we notice that 6 is 2 times of 3 so we just multiply 1000987:3 by 2 and get 2001974:6
2001974 in 6 years

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A triangle is considered equilateral has
Find a potential function for F or determine that F is not conservative. (If F is not conservative, enter NOT CONSERVATIVE.) F = cos(z), 10y, - x sin(z)
What is the total amount 2 5/8 + 1 3/4 =
How do you make a mix number an improperfraction example 4 8/11
What is seven point five divided by one hundred

Katalin drove 210 miles on her vacation. She drove an average of 1.4 times faster on the second 105 miles of her trip than she did on the first 105 miles of her trip. Which expression represents the time she spent driving? Let x = her speed on the first half of the trip.A. 180x

B. 360 divided by x.

C. 252 divided by x.

D. 180 divided by x.


The answer is D. 180 divided by x. .

120 books increased by 55%


Simplest way to do this:
 number of books= 120
 percentage represented by 120= 100%
 increase current percent by 55%= 155%

: . 55% increase = original number of books * (155%)
                           = 120 * (155/100)
                           = 186

An open box is to be made from a rectangular piece of tin by cutting 3-inch squares out of the corners and folding up the sides. The length of the piece of tin is twice the width. The volume of the box will be 60 cubic inches. Find the dimensions of the original rectangular piece of tin



Width of the Rectangular Tin=8 inch

Length of the Rectangular Tin= 16 inch

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the Width of the Rectangle=W

The length of the piece of tin is twice the width, Length = 2W

Since Squares of 3 inch are cut from all four corners of the rectangle

Length of the box = 2W-(3+3)=(2W-6) inches

Breadth of the Box = W-(3+3)=(W-6) inches

Height = 3 inches

Volume of the box = 60 cubic inches

Now, Volume of a cuboid=lbh


Divide both sides by 3


Expanding the brackets



2W^2-16W-2W+16=0\n2W(W-8)-2(W-8)=0\n(W-8)(2W-2)=0\nW-8=0 ,  2W-2=0\nW=8,  1

Since the Width cannot be less than 6,

Width of the Rectangular Tin=8 inch

Length= 2 X 8 = 16 inch

Are the triangles similar? If they are, identify the similarity ratio.A) Yes; the similarity ratio is 3:4.
B) Yes; the similarity ratio is 2:3.
C) Yes; the similarity ratio is 1:2.
D) No; the triangles are not similar.


A, because if you match the left triangle's sides to the right triangle's sides and simplify the fractions the ratio is 3/4. 6/8= 3/4, 9/12=3/4. and 12/16=3/4

Find the missing number 1:2 = 3: ____ 

       A. 1   B. 2   C. 6   D. 3


The anwer is c. Because 1 is to 2 so 3 times 2 is 6


Step-by-step explanation:

The answer will be c.

The following graph represents a proportional relationship:A graph is shown. The values on the x axis are 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. The values on the y axis are 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30. Points are shown on ordered pairs 0, 0 and 2, 6 and 4, 12 and 6, 18 and 8, 27. These points are connected by a line. The label on the x axis is Bunches of Thyme. The title on the y axis is Price of Bunches.




If points (ordered pairs) connected by a line are:
(0,0), (2,6), (4,12), (6,18) and (8,24) [If you did not make a mistake by typing a point (8,27)], THEN
it is a direct proportional relationship in question, defined by formula:
y = k*x
where k is coefficient of this proportion, and x and y are coordinates of points respectively.
So, if you check for EACH point:
0 = k*0,
6 = k*2,
for each of these equations, it is obtained for k to has value of 3.
And the rule is for a proportion, that has to have SAME k value for each of its points on a line.
So the answer is TRUE.
But if you did not make a mistake by typing point (8,27), then k value for its equation
27=k*8, will not be 3 as for the rest of the points.
And then, the answer would be FALSE, it is NOT a proportional relationship.


the answer is false, i took the test