A toddler takes off running down the sidewalk at 270 ft/min. One minute later, a worried mother runs after the child at 580 ft/min. After how many minutes will the mother overtake the toddler?


Answer 1
Answer: we know that in one minute the toddler is 2(270)=540 feet and mother is 580 so less than 1 minute

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L onUURS allu ueposits in transit in the are added to the bank statement balancedeposits to 75. l of the following are reasons touse an estimated method of costing inventory excepta. Interim financial statements are required but physicalimventory is only taken at the end of the financialaccounting period.b. A disaster has destroyed the inventory records and the inventory.c. Perpetual inventory records are not maintained.d. Purchase records are not maintained.
A vendor has 30 umbrellas to sell. He sells them for $20 each. The function m(u) = 20u models the total amount of money the vendor makes from selling u umbrellas. What are the practical domain and range of the function?
HELP WITH MY MATH EXAM i don't know what to do and my head hurts a lot
Suppose you'd like to see if I have money to pay cash for the next year. The goal is to save an extra $26,000 over the next six years. What amount of quarterly payments must you make it into an account that earns 5.5% interest in order to reach your goal?
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Solve the equation and enter the value of x below X+40=59



X = 19

Step-by-step explanation:

To solve the equation X + 40 = 59, we need to isolate the variable X on one side of the equation.

1. Start by subtracting 40 from both sides of the equation:

X + 40 - 40 = 59 - 40

This simplifies to:

X = 19

2. Therefore, the value of X that satisfies the equation is 19.

In summary, to solve the equation X + 40 = 59, you subtract 40 from both sides of the equation to isolate the variable X. This results in X = 19.

How do you combine like terms of #-10+7x+24-2x#?


You should first add -10 and 24. Then you should subtract 7x and 2x. All you have to do is to find the like terms ( 7x and 2x because they both have x’s, and -10 and 24 because they don’t have x’s). So your answer would be 14+5x. If you have any questions please reply.

Ralph bought and 8foot long copper pipe he used 85 investors of the copper pipe how many inches of pipe were left over


Convert the total length of the pipe from feet to inches.

1 foot = 12 inches.

8 feet x 12 inches = 96 total inches.

96 inches - 85 inches = 11 inches are left over.

Final answer:

After converting the length of an 8-foot copper pipe to inches, we find it is 96 inches long. Ralph used 85 inches of the pipe, leaving 11 inches of the copper pipe leftover.


Ralph bought an 8-foot long copper pipe. Initially, we need to convert the length of the pipe from feet to inches since the part used is given in inches. 1 foot equals 12 inches, so an 8-foot pipe is 8 * 12 = 96 inches long. Ralph used 85 inches of the pipe. So, to find out how much is left over, we subtract the amount used from the total length of the pipe: 96 inches - 85 inches = 11 inches. Therefore, Ralph has 11 inches of copper pipe left over.

Learn more about Length Conversion here:



9/16 + 1/2 equals what


1 / 2 = ( 1 * 8 ) / ( 2 * 8 ) = 8 / 16 ;
9 / 16 + 8 / 16 = ( 9 + 8 ) / 16 = 17 / 16 ;

9 /16 + 1/2 =? 
9 /16 = 0. 5625 
1/2 = 0.5 
therefore , 9/ 16 +1 / 2 = 0.5625 + 0.5 
= 1 .0625 

What is the number of birds per cubi yard for the aviary? with work please.


for which number is the one you want to know

Alicia drove at a constant speed and traveled 182.4, point, 4 miles in 3 hours. How many miles would Alicia travel in 11 hours at the same speed?


668.8 miles.
If Alicia drove 182.4 miles in 3 hours, she was driving 60.8 miles/hour, multiply 60.8 by 11 and you get 668.8 miles in 11 hours.
she would have drove 469 miles in 7 hours