Why dose yellow river have that nick name?


Answer 1
Answer: Because it leaves behind a yellowish soil when the flood waters recede.
Answer 2
Answer: it leaves a yellow goowey stuff

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How did the role of women change during of civil war
What was he leading crop raised in the south at the time of the civil war
Which of the following innovators was most responsible for making the United States a world economic power?A.Guglielmo MarconiB.Samuel MorseC.Heinrich HertzD.Andrew CarnegieIs it B?
which of these describes a significant advantage possessed by the Union at the beginning of the Civil War? A) a larger free population B) a larger agricultural labor force C) a superior supply of military officers D) a longer coastline for importing and exporting
How were joining together in groups help workers were in better conditions and higher pay

Which socialist goal was not supported by labor leader Samuel Gompers?


The restructuring of government was the goal not supported by labor leader Samuel Gompers.

Samuel Gompers was an English-born American labor union leader and a very important figure in American labor history. He was the founder of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Besides, he was the organization's president from 1886 to 1894, and from 1895 until he passed away in 1924.  He mostly supported Democrats, but sometimes Republicans.

He opposed Socialists and during World War I, he and the AFL advocated the war effort, trying to stave off strikes and promote morale while increasing wage rates and expanding membership.

I think it was restructuring of government

Who in America would benefit from new markets


Jobs, expansion and they economy these would benefit America.
The answer you’re looking for is jobs, expansion.

Liberals tend to belong to the __?A. Lower class
B. Middle class
C. Upper middle class
D. Upper class






What organization worked for the rights of migrant farm workers ?


The organization that worked for the rights of migrant farm workers was the UFW, or United Farm Workers.

SUNSET CORP is your answer

What is 1534567 x 134567



The last 0's indicate place holders

                          x 134567
                         10741969            *Multiply 7 by everything on top*
                   +    92074020            *Multiply 6 by everything on top*
                       767283500            *Multiply 5 by everything on top*
                     6138268000            *Multiply 4 by everything on top*
                   46037010000            *Multiply 3 by everything on top*
                 153456700000            *Multiply 1 by everything on top*
________________________     *Add everything*

Your answer is 206502077489

Which scenario below best shows how local taxes support the economy?Income taxes pay for building an interstate exit ramp

Gas taxes pay for building a federal office building

A special one-year tax pays for building new schools

Income taxes go to pay for military research


The correct answer is C) a special one year tax pays for building new schools.

The scenario that best shows how local taxes support the economy is "a special one year tax pays for building new schools."

Local taxes support the economy because they often pay for road repair, firefighters, police officers. These services create jobs and help society run smoothly.

The local authority is responsible for asses and collects local taxes. It comes from property taxes and funds important public services that allow a community to function and operate with no problems. Examples of these services are the garbage collection, new schools,  the salary of policemen and firefighters, the maintenance of good road conditions, sewer maintenance, among many others.

If people pay their taxes in time, the money collected is applied to the creation of jobs to help the county or municipality to be administered in the correct way.

A special one-year tax to help pay for building new schools would serve as an example of how local taxes support the economy. Public school funding is usually based on local taxes and therefore, this example is most likely exemplary of this.