Find the slope of the line that goes through the points (-15,70) and (5,10) and (2,7) and (6,3).


Answer 1


Rise/run = 10-7/5-2 = 3/3 = 1

Therefore, the slope of the line is 1.

Answer 2
Answer: My answer was right I looked it up why you delete it?!

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A, the highest point on the chart was in 1910

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the first part is 8 x 40=320
8 x 7=56
320+56 and i am not sure what you have going on on the other half

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73.14 $ knowing that the tax would be 4.14$, added to 69$ would be 73.14$
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The correct option is B. y=12.75x

cuz, y = total earnings

and x = hours worked

so total earnings(y) should be equal to the amount of money paid for an hour(12.75) * number of hours worked

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The next 18 days because your trying to see how many days it is until he does BOTH

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